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Top 5 handpicked keyloggers! Do you wanna keep track of another user on your computer and come off clean without them even noticing that you are spying on their activities. Then you might wanna try out these wonderful spywares/keyloggers that record everything that comes their way! and there's more!  All of their activities land right into your inbox as these softwares also send notifications to you about all the activities going on on your computer when somebody else is using it! :D
So why don't you take a sneak peek at these wonderful softwares that are given below!
 Here I have picked the best keyloggers for you which help in monitoring somebody else without their knowledge!
 Actual Keylogger: The actual keylogger has been renamed to Actual Spy. It can record keystrokes and the program can be accessed in two ways:
  • Hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F7)
  • Run command “akstart”
Actual keylogger is known to have the strongest stealth ability among all the keyloggers as it remains totally hidden during windows startup. It wont even show up on the task manger’s running processes as well as on the “Add or remove programs” list. This Keylogger is password protected and doesn’t allow unauthorized access to it.

actual keylogger

 Download Actual Keylogger from here.

G3 iSAM:

This Keylogger is a freeware and has the ability to record keystrokes and also take screenshots! It also has the abiltiy to automatically email log files, keywords, and banner displays to inform the user, as well as a scheduler, URL blocker and a filtering system. It can be accessed by a hotkey (Default: T+G+Enter). It also features a security layer like the previous keylogger which has a default password 1234. But unlike the previous keylogger, it shows up in the task manager and the “Add or remove programs” list.

G3 iSAM keylogger

Download iSAM from here.

Blackbox Express:

Blackbox Express is a different type of keylogger. It can monitor a local PC as well as upto 200 other remote computers on a network. It can record keystrokes, web searches, visited websites, emails, chat applications and take screenshots.Apart from that you can exclude a user from the monitor list. Blackbox doesn’t show up in the taskbar nor in the notification area but you can still find it in the processes of the task manager.

There are two ways to launch this program:

  • From a shortcut
  • By running an executable file in an unhidden folder

It too like the other programs in this list supports only authorized access. Registration is required to use this program which is free.

BlackBox express keylogger

Download Blackbox from here 

Refog Keylogger:

 The Refog Keylogger is the one of the most used Keyloggers worldwide. It has the ability to record keystrokes, take screenshots, and email all the recorded data to the administrator.

Alarms and alerts can also be set. The keylogger also records computer activities, visited websites too. It has the ability to remain totally hidden as it wont show up in the taskbar nor in the notification area but does show in the task manager’s processes.

The Program is password protected and can be accessed by:

  • Run Command “Runrefog”
Refog keylogger
Download REFOG keylogger from here.

Real Free keylogger:

 Real free keylogger has pretty much the same features the above keyloggers have in store. It’s got a security layer so that only the administrator can access the logs and the keystrokes.It can be accessed by:
  • Hotkey(default: Ctrl+Alt+X)
It runs in stealth mode too.The program folder is set as a system attribute and is only visible when the Hide protected operating system files is unchecked in Folder Options.

Real free keylogger

Download Real Keylogger from here.

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That’s all fellas! I hope you don't have a problem on deciding which keylogger would be best for you. Cheers!

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