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Hack facebook

Facebook hacking
Hack facebook
Okay, for this to work, you should have physical access to the victim’s computer or make the victim use your computer. The method we are going to discuss now is by using a keylogger.
So, what is a keylogger?
It is EXACTLY what you guessed it is! Simply put, a keylogger logs all your keys. More simply put, a keylogger saves everything you type on the keyboard. From email ids to passwords to whole chat conversations. EVERYTHING is saved without you even knowing it! 

Steps to hack :

  • The first step is to download a keylogger. Read our post about the top 5 keyloggers here and download one. After downloading, the next step is to install it in the victim’s computer. It is a very small application and doesn’t take much time to install. Once it is installed, it saves all the IDs, passwords etc the victim types. You can go at anytime, and retrieve the passwords which are stored in a notepad file.
  • If you think this method is very complicated, or too risky, we can do it MY way, which is more easier and cleaner. The trick is to install the keylogger in YOUR laptop or pc. Before installing, make sure the antivirus is turned off ! Even if the antivirus detects the keylogger, just click 'Allow'. Once the keylogger is installed, the rest is very easy. You only have to make your friend open his facebook account, on your laptop! And believe me, how many times haven’t we used each others' laptops for accessing our emails, facebook accounts and stuff!
  • This is exactly why people like me don’t do our personal stuff on others’ laptops :-)

Advantage :

  • The MAIN advantage of this method is that it is very CLEAN! If you try it the old fashioned way, they would probably get an email from gmail (or fb) that someone tried to break into their account. So this is the best method. You login legally and logout legally ;-)



  • This tutorial is only for educational purposes so that you are more cautious about the ways people can break into your accounts. Use of this tutorial for criminal purposes is strictly prohibited, and can end you up in jail and we are NOT responsible. I have even seen people who go to an internet cafĂ© in the morning, install a keylogger, come back in the night, and take all the email ids and passwords saved throughout the day, and use it to advertise their own fb page or website etc. We DO NOT encourage such things.

We will be back with more ethical hacking tutorials exclusively on Knowbabble.
Until then, goodbye and stay safe.

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