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Whatsapp - Top 10 Funny Technology Videos

Welcome back! Watching and sharing videos on Whatsapp is something that we do quite often. You can send a video file of upto 15 MB to anyone anywhere on earth (of course you need to have their phone number). You can make your buddy laugh 'n' smile within a minute or two.
If you have been watching a lot of funny jokes, then you should also try some funny 'tech' stuff too.
Here are the top 10 funny technology videos circulating on Whatsapp.
Watch the compilation of the 10 on our YouTube Channel.
Given below are the download links of all the 10 videos with a short description on each.
While few are quite amazing, the pun and satire in the others' will make you laugh your head off!

Whatsapp - Top 10 Funny Technology Videos

10.  The Real Transformer  [ Download for Whatsapp ]
       If you have watched the Transformers movie/cartoon series, then you will definitely be amazed when a laptop transforms into an awesome airplane.
Then the "Sam Witwicky" of this transformer goes berserk and his plane flies off the window.

9.  The Holographic Home  [ Download for Whatsapp ]
     Imagine you lived in a home which has a security lock as you have in your phone, and a holographic keypad appears whenever you stand in front of your door. Amazing isn't it?
Say you also have a snooker board and you can even set holographic clouds above your snooker balls. You also have a telecvision system which shoots out holographs of whaterver appears to pop out from the screen. Yes that's quite amazing! Don't you think so?

8.  Funny Lift Prank  [ Download for Whatsapp ]

    This is a funny prank performed by LG, a prominent technology company, to test their life-like monitors. A monitor is placed on the floor of a lift that plays a video which makes it appear as if the floor is falling.

7. World Without Mobile  [ Download for Whatsapp ]

    Imagine there was no mobile. How do you think the world would socialize?
Watch the video to see funny ways of emailing, tweeting and maintaining a facebook profile.

 6.  The iPad Man trolled  [ Download for Whatsapp ]
     This husband shows off his iPad's impeccable practicality to his wife. She gets irritated and plays a prank on him. Ultimately funny!

5.  The Escalator Problem  [ Download for Whatsapp ]

     A man and a woman get "stuck" on an escalator. Their stupidity is astonishing. Hilariously funny!

 4.  Frog plays a Game  [ Download for Whatsapp ]

     You will definitely love this frog playing the 'Bug Smasher' game on an Android phone until. . . . . . . . . Watch the video for the extremely funny part towards the end.

3.  Helpdesk of the Medieval age  [ Download for Whatsapp ]
    Once upon a time a new thing was invented called "Book". No one knew how to use it. So people contacted the Medieval Helpdesk to guide them. Watch the video to tutor yourself on how to open and read a book.
Only one word.
H I L A R I O U S !

 2.  Mactini Nano - The smallest computer ever  [ Download for Whatsapp ]

    John here introduces the smallest computer ever - The Mactini.
To find out how to use it, watch the video for the funniest review ever.
Twice  H I L A R I O U S !


1.  Funny or 'Pun'ny Shopping with technology    [ Download for Whatsapp ]
     This conversation between a customer and a fruit-store owner is so verbose on technology that the pun in their convo has you on the brim of the cup of laughter.
Understood anything?
Watch the video and then you will understand my intention.

How to download?

  • Click on the [ Download for Whatsapp ] link to get the following window. Click on the small gray downward arrow.

  • In the dialogue box that appears, select 'Save File' and 'OK'. Your video file downloads in a jiffy.

Watch the compilated version on YouTube.
Laugh and share them with your friends on Whatsapp.
Smile and thank you! 

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