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Friday, 15 August 2014

Top 15 Browser Add-ons for a wonderful Web experience - Must-Have

Top 15 Browser Add-ons for a wonderful Web experience  -  Must-Have | www.knowbabble.comDid this ever happen to you?

·        You want to watch an interesting show with your family. You open the video on YouTube, but before you can watch it, you are forced to watch a 50 second advertise. “It’s just an ad, nothing to worry!” you think. But to your horror, the ad is about some random female product, or a product to prevent STDs or anything that can leave you with a red face due to embarrassment, and your family evening is ruined before it even started!

·         You made your browser pretty neat and easy to work, with all your settings, bookmarks, and add-ons (which you had to search hard to select among the many available), saved passwords etc. Suddenly one day your computer crashed, and all your hard work has gone down the drain. You can install the OS again, but the browser has to be customized once again from scratch.

·         You don’t have balance in your mobile phone. You need to send an important text, urgently. So you open a website that can send texts to mobile phones. But you are bombarded with so many ads that it takes a LOT of time, just to send a text!

·         You came across an amazing video, or an interesting article. But you are busy now and decide to watch/read it in your leisure time. So you copy the URL to a notepad file and go ahead with your work. After the work is finished, you decide to watch the video, but to your horror you find that you deleted the notepad file along with some other junk.

·         You are a torrent freak. You decide to download a torrent. But when you open the site, along with the torrent files, there are ads on the side with models doing obscene gestures and sounds. Adding insult to injury, your parent enters the room searching for something! You have no other option but to close the browser and come up with a good explanation!

If your answer is - “Yes, one of these situations DID happen to me!”, then look no further. Add-ons are what you are looking for. Here are some important tips on how to have a good browser experience :
What are Add-ons?
First of all you should know that add-ons are really important handy little applications that have the power to alter your web experience. Like the way you have good and bad friends, you have good and bad add-ons. Good add-ons are really amazing applications that make your life a LOT easier, while bad add-ons are actually malware in the guise of add-ons, wanting to steal your personal data like usernames and passwords. So, you should download them only from trusted sources. I have mentioned some of the important ones I use. You should definitely try them too.

Here they are :

Adblock edge |
Adblock edge 2.1.4
Adblock plus |
Adblock plus 2.6.4
Adblock plus pop-up add-on |
Adblock plus pop-up add-on 0.9.2 :
I use all the above 3 to get rid of those annoying ads. Ads on torrent sites, ads before a YouTube video (nowadays, in between too. Phew!), ads on mobile phone texting sites or any other site under the sun, ALL the ads on them are blocked. The main advantage is that the site loads a LOT faster without the ads and makes your work easier.

Facebook Ads block 1.0 :

Facebook Ads block | www.knowbabble.comThe name says it all. I use it to block ads on Facebook. So, it’s obvious that fb on my browser is a lot faster than yours.

Gif block :

Gif block | www.knowbabble.comThe small images of advertisements are in the .gif format instead of .jpeg. Gif block blocks the advertisement images and not the actual images that you need (as they obviously are in jpeg format). Clever, huh?

Pop block 1.0.4 :
Pop block | www.knowbabble.comYou can block all those “Congratulations! You won a phone!”, “Find your life partner on”, “Earn from home” kind of popups. In case you don’t know the difference between normal Ads and Pop-ups - Ads are displayed on the website while Pop-ups….erm….pop up! That’s it! They just jump in your way and you are forced to click them, or pop-ups can also automatically open in a new window. Thus, this add-on also saves your time.

Xmarks :

Xmarks | www.knowbabble.comMost IMPORTANT of all the mentioned add-ons! This add-on automatically saves all your bookmarks. You even have an option to save all your usernames, passwords, history etc. When I go to a new place, the first thing I do is install Xmarks on that computer. It restores all the bookmarks and settings and makes the browser look exactly like that of my home computer. Definitely, a must have.

Evernote web clipper 5.9.1 :

Evernote web clipper | www.knowbabble.comActually, this is not just an add-on. Evernote is a software. The add-on comes with it. It has a LOT of features and even I haven’t used them all! I only use it to save good articles, videos etc. If you find anything good, just right-click and you get an option to either clip the URL, or save the entire page with images. If I see anything interesting, I clip the URL and the data gets saved on the internet. But if you want to save it on your PC, download the software. My evernote is filled with a lot of EXCITING stuff, waiting for me to devour them in leisure!

Magrent :

Magrent | www.knowbabble.comYou can use this to download the torrent “file” and save it on your hard disk. You can add the torrent to uTorrent anytime you want.

 YouTube caption downloader 2.3 :

YouTube caption downloader | www.knowbabble.comIf you are listening to a song and the lyrics are being shown as subtitles, you can download them for future-use with this add-on.

Click & Clean 4.1 :

Click & Clean | www.knowbabble.comWhen you login to your Gmail or facebook or anything else, you type your first letter, and the site automatically gives you the complete username. This happens because your usernames are saved in the browser’s cache. This is actually helpful, but if you are VERY secretive and want to hide even your “username” from other prying users, just click on this add-on before closing the browser. It deletes everything, along with browser history, things typed on Google or YouTube, usernames on sites like fb, Gmail etc.

Flashblock :

Flashblock | www.knowbabble.comWhen you open multiple videos on YouTube in different tabs, all of them start playing. But this add-on blocks the flash content, meaning - your videos do not automatically start to play themselves. You get an ‘f’ symbol, and when you click on it, the video starts playing. If you are beginning to think this is a useless add-on not worthy of downloading, then you are wrong. This add-on simplifies a lot of things! Sometimes you open a website, and some video starts playing. It not only slows down the page loading time, but also you are “forced” to watch some video of which you have no intention of watching. If you feel that it is a video you SHOULD watch, then click on the “f” button and it starts playing.

The addon bar :
The addon bar | www.knowbabble.comNothing special here. You just get an extra bar with all your add-ons neatly listed.

And the last one -

Privacy choice Tracker Block 2.2 :

Privacy choice Tracker Block | This is a security add-on. It prevents websites from tracking your digital footprint. Do you know that major websites track your web movement, and specifically spam you with related ads about the things you searched? This add-on prevents sites from tracking you. Definitely a must have!

So friends, that’s all for now. Keep Knowing new things, and leave the Babble to us!
See you soon. Stay tuned!
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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Cortana - Microsoft's answer to Siri and Google Now

Apple has Siri. Google has Google Now. Now, Microsoft has… Cortana!

So, what is Cortana?
Cortana is your personal assistant, and by assistant I MEAN “assistant”. Siri and Google Now are good for texts, making calls, etc without touching the phone (through voice commands) but Cortana takes it to the next level. She STUDIES you, your daily life, your daily routine and helps you accordingly, without you even asking her. Its like she has a brain of her own!

For instance :

  • She knows whether you are at work or at home.

  • She will know the way you take to the office and will automatically warn you if there is traffic on the way and whether you need to take a detour.

  • She knows what type of music you like and will give you suggestions based on it.

  • If you want to set an alarm, just tell her and she will set it for you. Or you can simply tell her ‘wake me after an hour’ and she will do it.

  • Now you don’t even have to remember anything! Just tell her and she will remember it for you. For example, if you have to ask your friend John how his holiday was, you simply tell Cortana to remind you the next time you call John and when you do call him, she reminds you.

  • Dictate her a text and tell her to send it to the person you want, and its done.

  • Cortana will respond silently when you type, and verbally when you speak.

  • Unlike Siri, Cortana will be available even to third party apps like Skype, Facebook etc and can integrate with them easily.

Release date :

The beta version of Cortana is already out for Windows phone 8.1 (US only)
The full version is planned for a late 2014 launch. (US, UK and China only)
The remaining countries will get Cortana in 2015.
Cortana might also be released for PC and Xbox, but nothing is confirmed as of now.

Trivia :

Cortana is an artificial intelligence in the Halo games.

So, is Cortana just a new Microsoft Bob, or is this the FUTURE?
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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Download NCERT books on android

NCERT logoToday's world has come a long way from the good old days when everything was really really bulky. Computers were huge, phones were huge, pretty much everything was huge. Now coming to education too, children were supposed to carry thick boring books to school, seizing the very excitement they were supposed to get while learning. Thankfully, the world is now changing and people everywhere of all ages have set their eyes on technology in every form to ease their burden.
Books still exist but they are slowly making a transition towards being available for sale, and sometimes most of the time freely available on the internet.
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Sunday, 15 June 2014

How to watch FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 on mobile devices.

FIFA world cup brazil 2014
 At this time around the year, it is the festive season of the FIFA world cup. Brazil has been given the chance to host this mighty occasion which occurs every four years i.e., the FIFA world cup 2014. Brazil is the greatest spearhead in the football sphere worldwide and has a pretty fierce reputation,
hence the chance of hosting the world cup despite suffering from financial and other internal problems. 

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

How to make my browser remember passwords

 Well, Hello people! And welcome back.
I have been receiving requests from a quite a number of people now, to write a post regarding the steps involved to make your beloved browsers like Chrome, IE, and Firefox to remember your passwords for like everytime you log in.
It's pretty simple. Not to worry.
First lemme get it straight with what an ideal password should be like.
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Friday, 6 June 2014

LG G3 First Look

www.knowbabble.comHello friends!
This is an exclusive first look at the LG G3 , one of the most anticipated phones of 2014. Lets take a closer look of its top notch specifications :
  •  Snapdragon 801
  • Quad-core chip
  • 3 gigabytes of RAM
  • 2560 x 1440 display
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Monday, 12 May 2014

Best ways to convert pdf to word

Tonight, I'll be writing down a few ways to convert PDF (.pdf) files to WORD(.doc/.docx) files. These ways might be obvious and known to  a lot of you people out there but there are still people who could not know about this and benefit from this post. And I bet there are a lot of people who do not know how to do it accurately too.
For those people who do know the basic methods, i suggest you check out another one of those methods for achieving the same.
 So here's how..

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How to clean your computer with CCleaner

Hello and welcome back!
The more we use our computer, the more junk gets accumulated. It slows down the performance of our computer. CCleaner software is the best clean-up utility I have been using since I-can't-remember-when!
Now what does this do? Here it is:
  •   It empties the Recycle Bin, Windows Explorer thumbnails : recently opened files and folders, etc..
  •  Deletes internet browsing history, cache, cookies, download locations, recent URLs that you have typed and MUCH MORE. 
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Thursday, 23 January 2014

App to Simulate electronic circuits

This is an android app to simulate electronic circuits! Yes look again, Electronic circuits! :D 
All those resistors, diodes, meters, capacitors, inductors and various other components passive or active are right there in front of you on the screen of your mobile phone!
Now if you're a college student you wouldn't have to go build circuits physically in the first go.
Wire your connections in this application and experience the same level of satisfaction you would get by doing it physically on a real circuit board.
Read on to find out more about the features of this great android application!

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How to turn laptop into a Wifi router.

Are you that person who doesn't want to shell out extra bucks for buying a router? Then this post right here is good news for you as you can now turn your laptop into a working router!
How amazing is that,right?
Cause you wouldn't have to buy another equipment at all.
Voila, Money saved!
Do you want to know how to turn your laptop into a wifi router?
Read on to find out ways to turn your laptop into a router!

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Soundwire- app to transfer sound

This is an android application which allows you to transfer sound from your pc to your android phone!
Features of Soundwire: 
1.Selective sound transfer from PC to android.
2.Multiple connections. 
3.Live audio capture and streaming.

Technology used:  1.Server-Client model
2.Server side -(Visual basic) 
3.Client side-( android) 
1.A Wifi enabled Laptop 
2.Android devices 
3.Download   SOUNDWIRE SERVER for PC
4.Download  SOUNDWIRE APP from google playstore!
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AirDroid-A wire free app to exchange files between PC and Android

Say goodbye to USB data cable! For here is AirDroid !

Features of AirDroid

1. Easy to install 
2. File exchange (wireless) through browser 
3. Full control over android (everything can be done on android)
4. Secure connection
Technology used
1. Client side - Javascript (on pc)
2. Server side - http server - apk file (on android)
1. AirDroid app from google play.
2. Any browser on PC.

3. Android and PC are to be connected in same network ( same  wifi connection).
4. If they are not on same network, don't worry you just need to sign in into AirDroid.
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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Copy files faster with Teracopy

Hello and welcome back!

Copying files from location to location is what we do often. But the time that takes in the process is what gets on our nerves, don't you agree?

More speed is what we wish for, and TeraCopy is the best solution!

More speed and security is what this software has to offer. Here's what it does : 

  1. It copies/moves a single or multiple files from any location to another.

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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Lock your personal folders in Windows

We all need privacy! Don't you think?
Be it a business professional, a juvenile teenager or an old citizen, everyone has his/her private data to be with-held from others. Folder Protect is your answer. 
It is a smart concept in Data Security. I have been using this since 3 years to hide my games, movies and college stuff. Let me explain how it works.
  • Lets you password protect and set different access rights to your files, folders, drives and installed programs.
  • Lets you customize your security by choosing between making files inaccessible, hidden, delete-proof or write-protected.
  • Lets you lock, hide, access block and even prevent data from being deleted or modified. 
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