Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How to clean your computer with CCleaner

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The more we use our computer, the more junk gets accumulated. It slows down the performance of our computer. CCleaner software is the best clean-up utility I have been using since I-can't-remember-when!
Now what does this do? Here it is:
  •   It empties the Recycle Bin, Windows Explorer thumbnails : recently opened files and folders, etc..
  •  Deletes internet browsing history, cache, cookies, download locations, recent URLs that you have typed and MUCH MORE. 
  •   Can also be used to uninstall programs but I would suggest you use Revo Uninstaller.

Click to download CCleaner !

A layman's walk-through :

  • After you download and launch the binary file,this is what you get.

  • Next, next, next, till you are through with the installation steps. And then Finish!

  • Few options are pre-selected. Explore if you want to customize and re-select the options that you need trashed, and then 'Run Cleaner'.

  • Look! 18.6 MB has been erased from my PC in 4.068 seconds.

  • Run Cleaner again to see if anything's leftover. Oh yeah, there they are! 1.01 MB.

  • You can also go to Tools and Uninstall a program. But Revo Uninstaller is the best for this job!

  • You can upgrade your version in the 'Options'.


Click to download CCleaner !

That's it friends ! This was CCleaner  V 4.09

Whenever your PC has slowed down or you are done with your work, its always better to delete the junk for your PC to run faster!

There might be many more features to this software. Just explore and find out!

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Watch out for more of our tutorials on Knowbabble.

Stay cool and enjoy! Ciao :-)

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