Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Why Sanskrit is best for artificial Intelligence?

Artificial IntelligenceScientists confirmed that Sanskrit is the mother of all European languages.Simply they say Sanskrit is the origin of all different languages in Europe.Recently some theoretical physicists came with a proposal to put Sanskrit as processing language inside all natural processors.

Reasons behind this proposal are:

1) The morphology is unique in Sanskrit.Every word in Sanskrit is formed from a small root word called as "DHATHU".
This enables the Artificial Intelligence(AI) to identify easily the thinking root of the word in speech recognition.

2) Sanskrit simply discriminates singular , two and plurals.
The problem occurs due to English in processors is

"Near the boyscan be  said when there are two boys

"Near the boyscan also be said when there are more than two.

This makes it ambiguous for humans and AI to judge the number of boys in the incident.

3) Every phoneme in Sanskrit has its own characteristic and distinguished frequency and amplitude which enables AI to recognize the speech easily.

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