Thursday, 23 January 2014

App to Simulate electronic circuits

This is an android app to simulate electronic circuits! Yes look again, Electronic circuits! :D 
All those resistors, diodes, meters, capacitors, inductors and various other components passive or active are right there in front of you on the screen of your mobile phone!
Now if you're a college student you wouldn't have to go build circuits physically in the first go.
Wire your connections in this application and experience the same level of satisfaction you would get by doing it physically on a real circuit board.
Read on to find out more about the features of this great android application!

 Features of EveryCircuit:
1.Arbitary Circuit making
2.Component value control
3.Real time approach
4.Dynamic visualization of voltage,current and charge
5.Virtual CRO approach
EveryCircuit from google play

Everycircuit is basically a electronic simulator which is designed for android.In this app we can design a simple and complex circuits and simulate them.
Another feature of this app is CRO like display of currents and voltages. 
The hobbyists who always think of circuits use this app a lot.

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