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Copy files faster with Teracopy

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Copying files from location to location is what we do often. But the time that takes in the process is what gets on our nerves, don't you agree?

More speed is what we wish for, and TeraCopy is the best solution!

More speed and security is what this software has to offer. Here's what it does : 

  1. It copies/moves a single or multiple files from any location to another.

  2.  Bad files are skipped and displayed at the end.

  3.  Most importantly, the copying speed is very high !

  4.  Its better than Windows in-built copying program because when multiple files are added, TeraCopy copies the files one after another and hence speeds up the whole process.

Click to download TeraCopy ! 

A layman's walk-through :
  • After downloading the binary file, run it to get the following window.

  • Click 'Finish' and 'Close' the TeraCopy window.
  •  Now whenever you copy or move files and folders, it automatically begins with TeraCopy! Let's see.
  •  Here I have selected 2 movies, a file and a folder, 1.11 GB in total, to be copied from Drive D to Drive C.

  • You can see in the image below that the copy process has begun automatically in TeraCopy.
  • Lets see what the numbers in the image speak about.
  1.  Says '1 of 2'. It shows the ongoing file out of the total files in the copy process.
  2.  Says '00:00:27' implying that 27 seconds are left for the whole process to finish.

  1. Says '35.5 %' . Shows the copy-completed-part in percentage. 35.5 % of the movie has been copied.
  2. Says '25.2 %' . Shows the completed part on the whole. 25.2 % of the whole copy process has been finished.
  3. Click 'More' for more details about the process.

  1. TeraCopy icon on the taskbar shows the completed part in green.

        Once the whole icon is filled with green, it means the copy process is done. 

  1. Says '2 of 2' implying that the 2nd movie, which is the last file, is being copied.
  2. You can see that the movie 'The Iceman' is done copying and is marked OK (marked in red ). The next movie is still being copied.

  • Speed test can be run to find out the average copy-speed. Shows 109 MB/second. AWESOME,right?

  •  So 1.11 GB data is copied from Drive D to Drive C in just 35.266 seconds , how about that??

That's it friends ! This was TeraCopy Pro 2.27

There might be many more features to this software. Just explore and find out!

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Stay cool and enjoy! Thank you.

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