Thursday, 9 January 2014

Lock your personal folders in Windows

We all need privacy! Don't you think?
Be it a business professional, a juvenile teenager or an old citizen, everyone has his/her private data to be with-held from others. Folder Protect is your answer. 
It is a smart concept in Data Security. I have been using this since 3 years to hide my games, movies and college stuff. Let me explain how it works.
  • Lets you password protect and set different access rights to your files, folders, drives and installed programs.
  • Lets you customize your security by choosing between making files inaccessible, hidden, delete-proof or write-protected.
  • Lets you lock, hide, access block and even prevent data from being deleted or modified. 

Click to download Folder Protect !

A layman's walk-through :

  • Once you are done with the download steps,installation and launching, you get the following window asking for a password!

  • Enter the password and confirm it to get the following window. Click the 'Add' option.

  •  'No Visible' hides your files and folders.
  •  'No Delete' keeps your files and folders delete-proof. 

  1. Select the files/folders that you want to hide/protect. Just a single 'left click'.
  2. Click the 'Add' option. The path is added. (shown in red in the image below)
  3. Click 'Protect' and its done.

  • Double-clicking a path opens an edit box where you can customize your protection.

  • In 'Settings', you can change your general,protection and password settings.

  •   Who doesn't want a short cut? You can set a HOT KEY for Stealth Mode activation.
  •   Choose an alphabet (example : F)
  •   So my HOT KEY is Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F
  •   Now I directly open Folder Protect by using this HOT KEY.

  •  If you want all your selected files/folders to have common settings, then either click 'Select All' or hold 'left click' and drag it upon the paths. Apply your settings.
  •  You can remove a path if you don't want to protect it anymore.
  •  Just 'right click' and 'Remove'.

That's it friends ! This was Folder Protect Version 1.9.4
There might be many more features to this software. Just explore and find out!

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Stay cool and enjoy! Thank you.

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