Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Flutter-The Gesture recognition application for windows and MAC!

Wanna become a Ninja? Well at least act like one in front of your PC?

Here is the best gesture recognition app for windows & mac.
This software enables you to control the apps like,
1.VLC media player
4.Quick time player
5.Youtube using hand gestures.

Technology:  Gesture recognition Technology


 a.To control media players:

 1. Web Cam

 2.  Flutter (for Windows 7+)
 3.  Flutter (for mac)

 b.To control youtube on chrome:        

 1.Web Cam
 2.  Flutter (for Windows 7+)  (ignore it  if already done )
 3.  Flutter (for mac)  (ignore it if already done)
 4. Search and enable flutter extension from (chrome store)



1.Enable cam when it is asked by the app while or after installation.
2.Then you can see a flutter icon in the notification area and select the player or browser in which you want to run flutter.

Now move your hands like a Jedi  to control music and video on your pc.

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