Friday, 17 January 2014

AirDroid-A wire free app to exchange files between PC and Android

Say goodbye to USB data cable! For here is AirDroid !

Features of AirDroid

1. Easy to install 
2. File exchange (wireless) through browser 
3. Full control over android (everything can be done on android)
4. Secure connection
Technology used
1. Client side - Javascript (on pc)
2. Server side - http server - apk file (on android)
1. AirDroid app from google play.
2. Any browser on PC.

3. Android and PC are to be connected in same network ( same  wifi connection).
4. If they are not on same network, don't worry you just need to sign in into AirDroid.
How to use it:

On same network:

1. If your PC and Android are on same network, then deploy AirDroid on your android.
2. On this activity, you can see an Open web server address like http://192.168.xx.xx:8888. Copy it.

3. Open a  web browser (chrome,firefox,maxathon)  on PC. Put the copied server address in web server. Then both PC and android display the accept/reject message. Click "accept" on both. Your android is connected !

4. Now explore everything you see on AirDroid !

On different network:

1. If your PC and android are not on same wifi network, then you need to have internet connection to android.
2. You then need to sign in to open an account in AirDroid.
3. Log in to your account on both PC and AirDroid app.

4. Then both are connected through internet.

Things you can do with AirDroid:

1. We can exchange files between pc and android.
2. We can control camera and music player from your pc.

3.We can restore android and a lot of things are possible like this.

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