Friday, 17 January 2014

Soundwire- app to transfer sound

This is an android application which allows you to transfer sound from your pc to your android phone!
Features of Soundwire: 
1.Selective sound transfer from PC to android.
2.Multiple connections. 
3.Live audio capture and streaming.

Technology used:  1.Server-Client model
2.Server side -(Visual basic) 
3.Client side-( android) 
1.A Wifi enabled Laptop 
2.Android devices 
3.Download   SOUNDWIRE SERVER for PC
4.Download  SOUNDWIRE APP from google playstore!

How to use it:

1.Create a wifi private network-(follow the link to create a network)

2.Connect androids to the network.
3.Then you can run Soundwire on pc.Now you see like 192.168.xx.xx.Copy the ip address.

4.Now run soundwire on androids. Then put that address on textbox and tap on Soundwire logo on activity to connect to  pc.

5.Play a song on PC.Enjoy your android home theater.

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