Monday, 12 May 2014

Best ways to convert pdf to word

Tonight, I'll be writing down a few ways to convert PDF (.pdf) files to WORD(.doc/.docx) files. These ways might be obvious and known to  a lot of you people out there but there are still people who could not know about this and benefit from this post. And I bet there are a lot of people who do not know how to do it accurately too.
For those people who do know the basic methods, i suggest you check out another one of those methods for achieving the same.
 So here's how..

 There are basically three ways to do this. Let me classify them for you.

1) Appropriate standalone Software
You can download softwares that are paid and also come for free. Make sure you are going for trusted and reliable sofwares when you start looking. To save you the time, i'll list some that will definitely impress you. Given below are the best sofwares for the job in order of efficiency and excellence in getting the work done starting with the best.
2) Free online services

 If you don't want to take out your valuable time in           downloading the best solution from the internet, i would recommend you go for free online converters which do the job equally well and leave you satisfied. I would do the favor of sorting and recommending the best ones there are for you here.  

 3) Optical Character Recognition(OCR)
 Now this one's for those of you who have problems editing their documents once they have converted them to allegedly "editable" documents. Do not worry as this one does the job as you expect it to do it. The solution is to look for an Optical Character Recognition(OCR) software or i would recommend a free online service that would do the same job for you. An OCR tool as it's name suggests is a software that accurately recognizes the characters in the PDF file format and converts it to an editable word document. In the end result, you would come across an error or two or at most one or two types of errors. But that wouldn't be a problem as you can always edit it to suit your needs. Here is a list of free online services to cater to your needs.
Thank you! Cheers!
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