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How to get your website noticed in Google?

So what does it take to get your site noticed by google? For you to run a successful online blog, your website should be visible to most search engines like google, yahoo, bing to name a few.
But here we will be discussing just how it is done in the case of the most popular search engine there is, i.e., GOOGLE. Fasten your seat belts now, as i give you an explanation about how it's done.

Well, some of the steps required include setting up a Webmaster Tools account, submitting your website's sitemap, and making sure your site will be noticed.

 Google webmaster tools

The thing you need to do first and foremost is to verify our site with Google Webmaster tools. Google webmaster tools sums up all the data from your site such as search terms your site needs to come up in the google search results, how it is ranked using those terms, and just how many users are clicking on your site in the results. It also lets you know if there are any issues with your site that are having a negative impact on its search rankings. These include malware, hacking and violation of the webmaster's terms and conditions.

Making your site Crawl-friendly

To know if Google is having problems accessing or understanding the content on your site, you can check the "Crawl errors page" in the webmaster tools. Problems that Google faces while attempting to crawl your site, are listed on this page. There are two types of these errors:

  1. Site errors: These kind of problems are those which prevent Google from accessing your site at all in the first place. These would more often mean that your site maybe down, so you should address and solve these issues as soon as possible to prevent the loss of much needed traffic. Site errors occur if your server is down or overloaded or perhaps your server is blocking the Googlebot
  2. URL errors: These are the problems Google's Googlebot comes across when attempting to crawl particular pages on your website. Your site or web host may be blocking access to these pages or a site visitor may have clicked a broken link or a link to a deleted page.

404 Errors:

We all know what 404 errors are,don't we? We come across them on a regular basis. This is the most common type of crawl error faced the Googlebot. It primarily occurs when a user tries to access a page that does not exist. The page may have been deleted or the link broken. These types of errors can usually be ignored. But if you're expecting a lot of traffic leading to an URL that 404s, you must check your site for broken links. Individual pages that return 404 errors drop out of the google search results overtime. Having these kind of errors wont affect search engine visibility in Google search.

Submit Sitemap:

Alright, now you have a site set up with errors removed, and some of your content online on your website. It's time you submit a sitemap. Create a Sitemap to help search engines to better crawl and categorize your site. There are many online services on the web that could create a sitemap for you. After creating your sitemap, submit it to Google webmaster tools and enjoy better rankings. You can go to the following links and create sitemaps


The Google webmaster help forum contains a myriad of useful resources for webmasters out there. You can get connected to many experienced contributors who post in the forum.

  1. Viewing the FAQs and common problems faced.
  2. Asking these experienced people to take a look at your site in case of any problems you might face and get a helping hand.
  3. Posting queries specifically related to your site.

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