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How to watch FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 on mobile devices.

FIFA world cup brazil 2014
 At this time around the year, it is the festive season of the FIFA world cup. Brazil has been given the chance to host this mighty occasion which occurs every four years i.e., the FIFA world cup 2014. Brazil is the greatest spearhead in the football sphere worldwide and has a pretty fierce reputation,
hence the chance of hosting the world cup despite suffering from financial and other internal problems. 

 This season spans for about a month from June 12 which is already past us now to the 13th of july, consisting of 64 matches in 12 cities of Brazil. Now who wouldn't want to watch a live match? But what if you miss a few moments that were awesome?

 All you gotta do is download an all in one youtube downloader and converter which will help you in downloading FIFA world cup videos and convert them and download them to your mobile devices such as tablets, phones, etc. Then you wouldn't have to miss a FIFA moment at all.
Over this period of time i.e., from June 12 to July 14, you have a chance to win a prize- an all in one youtube downloader and converter named  WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe.

According to the official statement in WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe World Cup Edition Giveaway, anyone can be entitled to win a prize on the condition that they share any World Cup or football videos with the producer.

Conditions of the WinX HD Video Converter DELUXE World cup Edition Offer

1) Download a FIFA world cup from Youtube.

2) Convert the files to common media formats that would work on mobile devices mentioned above.

3)Convert these worldcup videos to video sharing site formats such as youtube, vimeo, dailymotion,etc. for uploading later.

4)Edit by merging, cropping, expanding, trimming and subtitle setting.

5)Organize unorganized snaps into a slideshow.

This tool is the right choice to play FIFA world cup 2014 videos on mobile devices. Let's see how it's done.

Step 1) Download the software from here.
Step 2) Import FIFA world cup 2014 video.

Let's say you want to play videos recorded by an HD camcorder on mobile devices, press ''VIDEO''
to load video from your camcorder or any other video acquistion hardware or your PC. If you want to watch the videos from youtube then, all you gotta do is get an URL of the desired video by pressing "YOUTUBE URL".

Now lets take a FIFA world cup video from youtube for example.

1) Find the youtube url of the world cup video and then paste it in the address bar for analysis.

2) Choose format, resolution, codec and size according to your desires. Press OK and proceed.

WinX HD Video Converter DELUXE

3) Now after step 2, you'll be guided into a popup window to choose output profile.

Select a device profile to suit your desires. If you wanna watch the video on an android device just go to the directory Android mobile and according to your desires choose the format.

WinX HD Video Converter DELUXE

4) Press Browse to select a destination folder to download the video.
You can download it to your PC or your mobile device.

5) Press "Run" to save and convert the video to the desirable format. 
And enjoy watching your favourite moments on your handheld mobile device!

WinX HD Video Converter DELUXE

Hope you have understood how this is done. This here is a pretty good software. Be sure to win one.

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