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LG G3 First Look

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This is an exclusive first look at the LG G3 , one of the most anticipated phones of 2014. Lets take a closer look of its top notch specifications :
  •  Snapdragon 801
  • Quad-core chip
  • 3 gigabytes of RAM
  • 2560 x 1440 display
Now all these are packaged in a really handsome body, in fact that’s the first thought you get holding the LG G3 for the first time. Even though its made in plastic, the finish in the back is pretty nice and it feels nice in the hand and it actually feels lighter than the G2.

Back buttons :

LG of course kept the back buttons from the G2 and actually improved a bit;  there's no LED notification on the back anymore but the buttons are a little click'ier and more tactile. They feel good to press and they are pretty easy to get used to from side-buttons.

Display :

It has a 5.5 inch 2560 X 1440 display which gives you a pixel density north of 530 ppi (pixels per inch). In other words this is an insanely sharp display and it's surrounded by tiny bezels and a very small chin, so the phone doesn't feel that big at all. When you hold it up next to another phone of 5.5 inch display, the G3 feels pretty compact compared to it especially in the height department. It's actually more comparable now in size to a phone with a 5-inch display like the Galaxy S5 or the HTC One while you still get this big 5.5 inch display on G3.

Battery & micro SD card slot :

Seems LG has heard everyone out ‘coz there are some other nice improvements to the hardware including a 3000 mAh removable battery behind its classic door and a micro SD card slot for people who value removable storage although you’d be cool with the 32 GB model here.

Camera :

It has a slightly new camera, a 13 MP camera with a few interesting improvements : optical image stabilization, a dual tone flash now, 4k video recording, 720p slow-motion video recording and a new laser autofocus system that actually fires lasers and uses the reflections to sense and determine how far away the subject is and then focuses there and takes a picture. Its superfast and pretty cool! It focuses pretty quickly and the camera app is super simple : nice, quick, easy-use, lets you take pictures by pressing one of the back volume buttons or lets you take a selfie by clenching your fists on camera to start a countdown timer.

Lots of nifty stuff here!

Let's get back to this display. There were a Iot of people talking, lot of buzz about LG making an HD display like this and whether or not they would actually put it in a smartphone as it raised questions like
§  Would it hinder performance?
§  Would it reduce battery life?
§  Would there be any cons to using such a high-res display in a smartphone?
To be honest right now, the pros are pretty limited. This hardware is really ahead of the content and even LG software is barely caught up. You have some super high resolution wallpapers that look really impressive of course, and all of LG's assets like their icons, their stock apps and stuff is super high-resolution but any other Android app like a game or a YouTube video still runs at 1080p. Its kinda like moving in that direction where everything around it is still low resolution and the content has to catch up.
But what are the cons really? Well right now there aren't really that many. Normal performance seems pretty snappy just like the LG G2. Also LG G3 has this year's on-top Android 4.4 Kit Kat and everything for multitasking to opening and closing app seems fine and at a normal speed. Animation seems pretty fluid.
Day-to-day performance and gaming performance seem fine because its running at 1080p anyway.

A minor con :

The only minor con that you’ll find in time using the G3 is after using it for a while, the phone wouldn't let you increase the display's brightness anymore over a certain amount when its heated up in temperature. It won't happen that much but when it does, it would be notched down to 90 or 85% to cool down the graphics by dimming the displays. An interesting little thing you should keep an eye on.
Though really we gotta wait till the apps catch up here and get optimized. At present, all the benefits you really have from this display are the sweet wallpapers, the really sharp text in apps and web browsing, and the really high resolution photo and video playback on which you should spend some time to check on.

Release date and Price range :

LG announced that G3 will hit the European market this June with a speculated price range of £450 - £550
In India, its expected to fall in the range of 50,000 - 55,000

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Thank you !

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