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10 ways to drive traffic to your website using Google+

Google plus as we already know doesn't have that kind of magic that Facebook, twitter and youtube possess but for bloggers it still can act as a boost to their search engine ventures. As it is owned by Google inc., bloggers everywhere can truly enjoy its search engine benefits. Google favors the people who use Google plus.

Google plus, despite its unpopularity continues to grow as it is the property of Google inc. which makes sure that it's users use its services even if it were to enforce its services upon them such as in the case of its messaging application Hangouts. So with Google plus under Google's wing, it pretty much continues to gather and grow users whether they like it or not.
Listed down below are ten benefits users can share:

1) Begin by getting more traffic towards Google+

There are many people who try out various tricks to attract traffic, but do tend to forget that linking their google profiles to their websites simply can get the much needed traffic they crave for. Works just like linking other websites to your websites. Simple.

2) Get links from other person's profile to your profile

Getting your friends to post them on your profiles for you is a sure shot way of doing  it, and practically lightens the burden on you. You can also ask your followers and friends to post links that lead to your website on their profiles. Profiles that attract other people and have a lot of followers might be useful to you.

3) Get traffic from other social networking sites

Now apart from Google plus we have other great networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and youtube. Its on these websites that you can link your Google plus profile to acquire traffic.

4) Make use of the authorship program Google has.

Post articles on the web and link them to your Google plus profile if the website you write for allows you to provide your link.

5) Make use of Widgets on your blog and other websites

Now it would be stupid if you provide a widget link to your website on your google plus profile. Rather, it would be better if you promoted your website amongst interesting posts on your google plus profile so that people would keep coming and visiting your website whenever they see the link.

6) Promote your website on Google plus

Just by mentioning the achievements of your website and daily updates you might be able to drive your google plus traffic to your website. You could also try many other ways of promotion without having to approach paid promotion websites like facebook to boost your views and increase your reach. Money saved, simple.

7) Ask your Friends, family to promote your website for you.

As the subheading says, ask your family and friends to do the promoting job for you as much as they are capable of doing. You can also ask them to review your website if they too have an audience.
Build a circle, build a network of friends and ask them all to do the same.

8) Questions on your profile, answers on the website

Now this might be easy and interesting. You just have to post a common problem that people dont have a solution for and link the post to your website for an answer they might be looking for.
But be sure to write a good answer. Who knows? You might win hearts.

9) Be an active user of Google plus

Every social network favors people that are active, so does Google plus. And it may respond positively if it detects that you are pretty much an active member. Again here, people might hop on to your website straight from your google plus profile using the widget link.

10) Try Posting full length posts on your Google plus profile

Okay, this looks like a very tiring task cause you already have to write full length posts on your website. But do note that if you write a full length article on your Google plus profile, it being a social networking might get you better search engine rankings. If you post something useful, your post might feature in the google search results when people are out looking for answers like in the case of Yahoo answers.

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