Thursday, 17 July 2014

How to make Images Unclickable in Blogger

Welcome back! A lot of bloggers would want to know how to make images unclickable in a Blogger blog. Firstly, why the need to have unclickable images?
Two reasons :
1. To cater to your whims and fancies.
2. Because Blogger provides upto 1 GB of storage for images.
Now if your blog is solely intended for images, (basically, photographers, photo editors and artists) and you post high clarity images, HD stuff all the time; then beware!

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  • 'Picasa Web Albums' provides 1 GB image storage facility.
Find out how much of your storage has already been used on Picasa Web Albums. Sign in with your gmail accout and view the bottom of the page.

Secret : If you have upgraded to Google+ , then you get 15 GB of storage for storing your Blogger images on Google+. That's the reason you see 15360 MB storage in the image above. Go, you do it too!

Two tricks to obtain unclickable images :

Trick 1 (To techies. . . . . . . yours lovingly, from laymen) :

It's too simple. You'll lol after finding out.
  • Whenever you insert an image, the Link attribute is highlighted as shown in the image below.
  •  Hover your cursor on it and it says 'Add or remove link'
  • Click on it and you are done. Your image is now unclickable. Publish your article and test the un-clickability of your image. It's awesome right?

Trick 2 (To laymen. . . . . . . yours lovingly, from techies) :

  • Go to HTML of your blog post on the top left.
  • The hyperlink of your image is given by href attribute as <a href="http****1.jpg" anchor tag="blah"style tag="blah" and close>*******blah************blah********blah*************</a>
 Delete the content highlighted in blue and the </a> boxed in blue. You're done! Post your article and feel (or don't feel) the un-clickability.

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What we follow on Knowbabble is have both clickable and unclickable images on our website. If an image is necessary for close range observation like the one above, we let it remain clickable. If not, then we lose the hyperlink.
Hope you are now able to obtain unclickable images and hence reserve ample storage for important images on Blogger.
Thank you and happy blogging!

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