Monday, 30 June 2014

5 Tips for SEO survival in 2014

In 2013, Google's updates to it's algorithms namely PANDA, PENGUIN and HUMMINGBIRD had enforced a wide variety of changes in the world of SEO. A lot of websites were affected due to these updates and continue to do so this year. There search engine rankings were affected because a major change had been made in how they were ranked.
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Fortunately, we have a lot of strategies online that may help what was lost. Search engine rankings can be once again returned to their past glory. It is highly important that you stay updated with the latest trends and the latest in the tools plus techniques used in achieving better rankings in search engines. Or you may risk yourself in getting left behind.

The people hit with these updates the most must read about new tricks and techniques to help keep themselves afloat. Well enough of talking about all the miseries bloggers faced. Knowbabble will provide you with some tips and tricks that will help you in increasing your search engine rankings and as well as contribute to your presence on the internet. These are stated down below. Read on.

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1) Content will always be KING:

A website's content is it's lifeblood. It is highly important that you create and publish fresh and high quality content on a regular basis. You should always keep in mind and must always be sure that you are writing quality and fresh content. Search engines have an affinity towards fresh content and if they detect that your content is original and unique then you might enjoy better search engine rankings.

2) Updates in Algorithms:

You should always keep up with the guidelines Google's algorithm updates bring about with them. If you follow them and do not violate them in any way, your website page rank will not be affected. The latest of these updates i.e., Hummingbird has influenced 90 percent of the search queries according to Matt Cutts.

3) Social media and networks:

Why be dependent on Google alone for your popularity? Relying on just google is an old trend now. You can make use of other social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and even Youtube. These social media platforms attract millions of users and can be effectively used in promoting your online business.

4) Local area listings:

Big things start out small is what this is about in a nutshell. Its a very crucial element and helps different companies to distribute local info, so that they can be easily be found by local search engines too. It is highly recommended for websites that are targetting a local audience.

5) Responsive Design:

This is a changing world. We haven't remained stuck at bulky desktops and laptops. The world has moved on and are fast switching to handheld and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones and even ultra-books and mini laptops. Nearly 50 percent of the traffic comes from these devices. So it is a pretty large audience and you cannot afford to disappoint them. To attract them your website needs to have a responsive web design. This design also helps in getting you better search engine rankings.

These are the 5 tips for SEO survival in 2014. That will be all.

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Glad that this piece of info will be of use to you.
Happy Blogging.


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