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Change old Permalink for better SEO in Blogger

custom permalink in blogger
Now at this time i want to teach you a trick that might help you with your search engine rankings. It's a pretty simple trick. First let's talk about the common errors we tend to do while deciding the permalink of your blog post. Yes we will we talking about setting optimized permalinks that will contribute towards better SEO and search engine rankings.
This post article deals with how to change  the old permalink to the new custom made permalink to get better search engine rankings by better search engine optimization. Keep reading to find out more about this.
The permalink is primarily set by default to‘.

Because of this very reason, bloggers were facing difficulties and couldn't change their permalink. Now in the new design of Blogger, those difficulties will be no more as there is an option to set your own permalinks. New permalinks or custom made permalinks are a boost to SEO and search engine rankings drastically increase as this is changed.

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Given below are the steps to be followed to change the permalink to a customized permalink.


1) Go to the Blogger Dashboard.
2) Select the appropriate blog.
3) Click on the "Posts" tab on the left.
4) You'll see all the published posts in there.
5) Click on the desired post of which you want to change the permalink.
6) On the right hand side of the webpage i.e. the blogger editor, you'll find "Permalink" under the "Post settings". Click on it.
7) Now there are two options i.e. Automatic Permalink and Custom permalink.
The automatic permalink automatically generates a permalink for you according to the title you give to the post. Or if you haven't given it a title, it skips to the first few lines of the first paragraph of your content. Now we don't want that as it is too bad for SEO and search engine rankings.
8) Click on "Custom Permalink" and this is where you'll edit your permalink.

Characters supported are letters (a to z, A to Z), numbers (0 to 9) and special character such as underscore (_), dash (-) and dot (.).


1) an-example-of-a-permalink
2) An-example-a-permalink
3) An.example-of.a-pemalink-543.21

Custom permalink in blogger
Custom permalink in Blogger

Enter the desired permalink and press ''Done".

We hope you have learnt how to change the old permalink for better SEO.
Thank you and have a good day!
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