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How to remove powered by blogger attribution

Remove Powered by blogger attribution in blogger
Remove Powered by blogger
Now this is a post exclusively for my friends who use blogger. Newbies, when they step into the blog-o-sphere and opt blogger as their platform might wonder about how to remove the "Powered by Blogger'' attribution in the footer. 
Blogger doesn't normally let you remove it as there is no dedicated option for it to be removed. Now we all know we don't want that in our footers. So here's a really simple way of getting rid of it. Just follow the instructions i have given below:

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1) Go to the Dashboard in Blogger.
2) Then, go to template and click Edit HTML.

Edit HTML in Blogger
3) Now what you see in front of you is the HTML editor. Click inside the editor anywhere and press CTRL+F while the cursor is still inside.
4) A search box will appear and in it type the following text.


5) As soon as you enter this text, press enter.
6) Above </head>, add the following code.

#Attribution1 {display: none;}</style>

7) Press on "Save Template'' on the top right corner. And that's it!
You don't have to give Blogger credit anymore.

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