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How to set Alt and Title tags for images in Blogger

Alt and title tags in blogger
Alt and Title tags

Hey buds! If you happen to own a photography blog or just any other blog that would have a lot of pictures in it, then it's highly imperative that you optimize pictures and photographs in your blog posts for the search engines. Popular search engines such as Google itself, Yahoo, and Microsoft's Bing highly favor search engine optimized images.This article shows you how to set Alt and Title tags for images in Blogger. By optimizing the images in your blog posts you have a chance of increasing traffic towards your blog.

Image SEO by naming Title and Alt tags

Now it is really not tough to optimize images for SEO. Blogger already has a built in feature for providing the alt and title tags for images in a blog post. A lot of people don't really know this feature, well at least the new ones to blogging from the blogger platform don't. If you haven't known until now, then you have to read this post on how to do that. You just have to alter and define the properties of the desired image.
Now let's see what these tags really are.

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What are these Tags?

Alt- It stands for Alternative information. This information is defined just in case the image fails to load and that's where this alternative text is displayed instead.

Title- It stands for the title of the image. What the image is and what it really is about goes into this field. This is the very same attribute that appears when you hover over images you find on the internet most of the times.

How to implement them in images?

When you upload a certain image into a blog post in blogger in the Compose section in the blogger editor, all you have to do is left click on the desired image. Almost immediately a strip blue in color appears where you have options to increase/decrease the size of the image, add a caption and an option to edit the properties.

 When you click on Properties, a popup window emerges and two text fields appear, first being the Title attribute and the second being the alt attribute, as shown in the image below.

In the title tag field, you have to write what the image is about i.e., what it really is and in the alt tag field, it's recommended that you can include a link to the post or a link to the website in case the image fails to load.
Now you can fill in the appropriate details according to the kind of image present.

Title and Alt tags in Blogger

I hope you have seen how to set Alt and Title tags for images in Blogger.
Thank you and have a good day!

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