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How to add Google Custom Search Engine bar in Blogger

www.knowbabble.comWhen you own a website, you definitely want people to search for whatever they need on YOUR website rather than others'. Then you wish that your website were like Google. Not to discourage you but you can't make another Google, can you? But don't despair, you can have Google Custom Search bar on your website. Here are steps on how to add Google Custom Search Engine bar in Blogger blog.

STEP 1 :
Sign into your gmail account and go to Google's Custom Search Engine. The following window opens.

STEP 2 :
Enter the website names that you want people to access from the Google Custom Search Engine bar that you are about to install on your blog/website. You can either enter just one name (YOUR website, for instance) or you could include more than one website (example: your website, google, gmail, youtube, etc.) So now when people type something in your custom search bar, they will get links pertaining to these selected websites only.

STEP 3 :
Once you go to the bottom of the page and 'Create', the following window congratulates you on the creation of a successful Custom Search Engine (a.k.a. CSE). Now you can get the html code on clicking 'Receive code'. I'll tell you what to do with it but before that won't you like to customize the look of your search bar, perhaps make it more attractive? For that, simply click 'Look and feel' and change the look and feel of your search bar to your heart's content.

STEP 4 :
Under 'Look and feel', you have :
   1. Layout : You can change the layout of the search-results window.

   2. Themes : You can change the physical style setting of your search box.

   3. Customize : You have many suboptions under this. You can change the border colour, background colour, customize the search button and search bar. You can also set colours to the result title, result url and the result snippet.

After you are done customizing, just click 'Save & Get Code' at the bottom of the page.

STEP 5 :
Copy the html content in the dark grey region. This html content gives you your Google Custom Search Engine bar.

STEP 6 : (For beginners)
Log into your Blogger account and go to your blog. Go to 'Layout' and click  Add a Gadget and add the gadget named  HTML/JavaScript.

The following window pops open where you need to paste the html code in the 'Content' space. Add a title (example: CSE bar) , click 'Save' and you are done.

Check out your blog for your brand new Google Custom Search bar. Congratulations!
Placing the Custom Search bar : Drag the 'CSE bar' gadget in 'Layout' and place it wherever you want for it to appear on your blog.
For any changes, you can of course go back to Google's Custom Search Engine and customize your search engine anytime. Once you are done applying the changes, get the new code and replace the old one with it.
That's it friends. Hope you will now be able to add Google Custom Search Engine bar in your Blogger blog. Thank you and happy blogging!

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