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5 ways to build backlinks to your website

Hey guys, it's been quite sometime since i posted the last time. This article today we'll be discussing about is Link-building. Link building is a very very crucial part of SEO. So those who don't know what this term means, these are links from various other sites that are basically pointing towards your domain and telling Google and other search engines that yours is a very resourceful website and has very reliable content. So the more the backlinks, the better. The search engines take this as a way of determining how valuable your website is and whether it should be indexed regularly and given high search engine rankings. So yeah, Backlinks are pretty much a big deal.
Backlinks to your site coming from high PR sites indicate the search engines that you're in a good "neighborhood". Backlinks constitute pretty much everything in Offsite SEO. We'll  be discussing various ways of link building.

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Create a website for the masses

It's a pretty well established fact that search engines follow what people tend to follow. If they happen to like your content they'll keep coming back for more and that's natural. There is no other true way of building links to your site than getting the people to talk about it. If you build a great resource, that's reliable and useful people will want to make use of content and also keep in touch.

You'll see a lot of popular forums, like microsoft forums and also considering Yahoo answers ranking very high in the search engines. That's all because people rely on these sites to get their problems solved. Petople themselves will link to your site and that will build enough backlinks for you to come up in the search engines.

Be of Use

Serve some purpose on the internet. Build your spot. Just like social networking sites serve the purpose of getting people to stay connected, forums tend to put an end to their problems, your website too must have a specific purpose and people should see that. People should make use of your site and should be able to help them in some or the other way. People should see why they need to use your site.

Check what your competitors are doing

By competitors, i mean people in your niche striving to rank for the same set of keywords online. They basically are people that are producing the same type of content you're producing to woo your audience. It's highly imperative that you keep tracking what your competitors ar doing. You don't wanna be left behind like a lost puppy trying to figure out where he got cut off.
Find out where their links are coming from. There are a lot of tools out there which tell you where your competitor is getting his links from. If you happen to stumble upon these freely available sources that you could get links from, then i don't see any reason why you shouldn't exploit them to your cause.

Blog Commenting

Today, Most of the blog comments are "nofollow"(Search engines won't follow and index your site and won't give any weightage). But there are dofollow blogs in existence that you can make use of and can get link weight.
I comment on various blogs to get link juice to your site. For instance if i approach a well established blogger and ask him to link to my site, it wouldn't happen for sure. But if i become an active member on their blogs, they might link to your site. These links also drive traffic to your site.

Guest Blogging

Now when i talk about guest blogging, i mean writing as a guest author for another site, mostly a reputed blog. This is the way most of the bloggers today are adopting to get links towards their sites. So why shouldn't you? It's pretty simple. All you have to do is come up with great unique content that people most likely will read with interest and submit it to a high ranking blog of your niche. Plus include a link pointing to your site. Voila, you have a backlink from a high PR site. You'll probably get paid for what you wrote in addition to that link you get to your site. Now, isn't that hell of an easy task?

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So these are some evergreen sure shot ways to build and get free backlinks to your website. People also buy backlinks to save them time but Google especially doesn't really appreciate that and may penalize you for indulging in such practices. Be sure to use a Backlink checker to check links to your site. Thank you for reading. Happy Blogging!

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